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Good-night, Sweet Prince

November 19, 2009

Dearest Loved Ones,

It is with a heavy heart that I say to you tonight, that Scott has left the building. He passed peacefully this morning, at home, surrounded and loved by those closest to him.

Services will be held this Saturday at 10:30 AM at St. Francis Episcopal Church in Potomac, MD. A good ‘ol Irish wake will follow at the Urbana Volunteer Fire Station 23.  We hope that you can join us.

In lieu of flowers, we hope that you will consider donating instead to the Montgomery County Fire Department Pipes & Drums Band or the Don’t Panic Foundation.

Thank you for all of your continued love and support.

We love you.



November 5, 2009

Today we moved Scott home. Well, not “home” as in our house in Frederick, but to his parent’s farm in Berkeley Springs. We have decided that the best place for Scott right now is with us. Poor Scott 😉

We would like to thank Citizen’s for the outstanding care of Scott, and us. We’ve made many friends there and they will be missed.

I also wish to thank all of you for your continued & loving support. We are grateful for your prayers, visits & help.

Once we’re settled, I will write again. Until then, sweet dreams!


To the Many Friends of Scott

November 3, 2009

We wish to convey our heartfelt thanks to all who have supported us in numerous ways over the last few months. Your assistance has enabled us to cope with the tragedy that befell Scott on May 10th in Idaho. As word spread about Scott’s condition the response from the Firefighter, Piper and Jumping Communities, as well as many other friends and relatives, was immediate and overwhelming.

The sheer number of individuals stepping forward to help was astounding. The spontaneous cooperation between the Boise and Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services helped immeasurably in our ability to handle the situation in the early days. While we were in Idaho the Boise Fire Department provided emotional support and many of our daily needs. Fundraising activities in Idaho, Maryland, and California have provided significant amounts of money to help cover expenses not covered by insurance. Firefighters at home volunteered their time to ensure Scott is still receiving a paycheck. You have been absolutely amazing and we are so grateful to all of you.

Your prayers, visits and communications are very important to us . We appreciate them and hope they will continue in the future. Again, we thank you for all of your contributions to Scott, and to us, in so many ways.


Steph, Eda and Dave Doyle



For some of you, dear friends, we do not have your addresses.  We would have preferred to send you a personal note, but unfortunately cannot. We do wish to name you, however. Many thanks to:

Richard Edwards Gregor & Christine Weeks Robert W. Evans
LeRoy Oettinger Carrie Sosnowich Arthur Rabeau
Andrew Johnston Valerie Duffy Audrey Deputy
Shelley Wheeler Elliot Barstow Joseph Bell
Shannon Gale Taryn Surman Wayne Troxel
Benedikt Klees Johanna Solbak John Tippett
Mike Baltrotsky Chris Johnson Corey Evans
Morgan Boyd Dan Friz Dan Rothermel
Richard McKernon Jerry Fleming Mike Schultz
Brian O’Conner Jason Hoffert Ben Kaufman
Matt Carrigan Ivan Browning Tracey Nauman
Beth Sanford Russell Blinkhorn Matthew prince
Autumn Henderson Steve Wiseman Alex Capps
Brendan Richardson Fire Station 18 “A” Shift Adam Pegler
Jay Blake Fire Station 8 “A” Shift David DeVore
Dave Wilt Beth Feldman Ron Devine
Chris Maple Lisa Morris Sue Wiseman
Phil Baker Tommy Henry Susan Stambaugh
Jeanne Smith Gamunu Wijetunge Richard Barstow
Kelly Wilson Bill Lippincott Kevin Younkins
Tim Beatty Don Kinna Brett Livingston
Sam Villani Vannessa Ridgely Brian Fowler
Mike Skidmore Shereen Blanton Keith Dominick
Andrew Wilson Becki LaPorte Joshua Walty
Amanda Lippelt Armin Aniol Todd Supple
Jeremi Arroyo Sergey Viter Michelle Van Duzen
Anne Snodgrass Daniela Bigott Rick Blandford
Andrew Harriman Cynthia Reiffen Lisa Kelley
Frank Snodgrass Angelique Nowocin Stephanie Hobbs
Jason Kurtz Steve Birnbaum Carlos Berciartu
Virginia Snodgrass Laura Fitzgerald Tommy Henry
James Wade Chris Jeffery Marie Lebaw
Helen Snodgrass Peggy Miller Denise Deimler
Robert Leinhauser Justin Meyer David Rager
Mark Fortin Jennifer Galbraith Marde Ross
Steve Laughman Rob Furst Tracey Logsdon Dieter
Ryan Loher John Peppel Jennifer Blair
Scott Kitner Sefako Seshibe Joseph Laposta
Dave Newman Jeff Ewart Maile Jacobsen
Keith Burns Seth Miller Diane Zuspan
Kevin Henley Dan Walters Gary Cooper
Tom Cummins Mo Newnam Vicky Ferguson
Victoria Freund Peter R Gillis Kathleen Pessagno
Carol McKernon Carla Myers Mason Dixon Candles and Crafts
Amy Dant Michael Kelley Susan Mills
William Delaney Geoffrey Lewis Kelly Fisher
Michael Doherty Kevin Frazier Michael & Kristen Carpinello
John Weeks Gregg Gellman Louise Burgdorf
Catherine Ross Jane Knopfmacher Darren Federroll
Fun Stuff Sky-Frogs Constance Clark
Lisa Eckman James Wood Katherine Farrar
Darryl Robb Amy Vanderryn Joyce Fox
William Zettler Martha Aparicio Leslie Mitchell
Karie Seekford Steven Akkala Andrew Carver
Russell McMullin Curtis Meyer C. B. Melton
Heather Strosnider Fire Station 1 “A” Shift Jacqueline Clark
Rev. Monica Giordano Michael R Marcopulos Mary Burgee
Suzanne Harrington Fire Station 40 “B” Shift Cathi George
Villamor Asuncion Ralph Taliento III Terry Arnold
David DeWolf Nancy Farkas Daniel & Stephanie Reamy
Mark Krasinski Kyle Scully Randy & Tracey Carter
Antoinette White Brian Brendel William Powell
Andrea Heithoff Yana Babii Margaret Barnes
Queenstown VFC Joshua Lebenson Lisa Anderson
Daniel Ballantine Jason Zengerle Wendy Jones
Rhonda Van Duzen Todd Sniffin Mauricio Viega
Robert Furst Troy Lipp Ann Macuch
M J Caro Shawn Goodbrod Melanie Sanders
Donna Jernigan Charles McKenna Cynthia Miranda
Erin Barstow Fire Station 24 “A” Shift Charmion Wood
Aerial Delivery Paul Barron R. Brian Butterhoff
Sheri Weisgerber Fire Station 31 “B” Shift Kevin & Jennifer Schmidt
Robert Atkins Mitch Nagaraj Catherine & James Mazzara
Jeremy Shaffner Peter Leong Arthur & Mary Murray
Matthew Nuckols Kenneth Berman Dome Poonjumnern
Eric Ramacciotti Linda Arentowicz William & Yvonne Hill
Leigh Halstad Kenneth Seth Joel & Donna Wilson
Brian Hagberg Robert Khoury Rueben Bajaj
Amy Roberts Taylor Cole Marty Askari DMD
Fire Station 8 “A” Shift Evie Bell Terry Killen Inc.
Fire Station 29 “C” Shift Christopher Hernandez Laytonsville District VFD
Kim Mitchell Autumn Henderson MCVFRA Auxiliary
Michael McCarty Michael Chindblom Fairfax County Local 2068
Robert Walty Byron Honeywell The “Geezer” Bowling Team
Innovative Waste Solutions Maile Jacobsen Fire Station 18 “B” Shift
Stephen D’Alessio Melanie Sanders Fire Station 6 “B” Shift
Donald Simmons Marc Worton Fire Station 4 “C” Shift
Chris Cramer Christopher Vincent Frederick County VFA
Renee Crainer Kimberly Webb FEMA National Training Center
Helen Swann Christopher Vincent The Fire Brigade P&D
Michael Johns Robert McCurdy Greg Knott
Christine Gwinn Clinton Kraft DC Regional Police Pipe Band
Jon Glaudemans Joseph Hayunga Kenneth & Nancy King
David Frost Charles & Rebeca Johnson Emerald Society Pipe Band
Gerard Murtha Madison & Helen Stevens Drums Washington DC
William Kissner David & Marlene Spadoni Applied Sciences for PS
Adam Wenchel Lowell & Nancy Davis Anne & Tony Snodgrass
Alex Gardiner Allison Roberts Andre Hamrah
William Kissner Shelly Zemrose Steve Lamphier
Joe Caulfield Pamela Everett Greg DeHaven
Emilie & Monty Crown Angela Rand IAFF Local 1605
James Macgruder Sr Scott McKernon Sakura Narita
Bob Wooldridge Gillian Goldthwaite Laura Paletto
Waleska James Sally Familton Melanie Macuch
MCFRS Family Support Steve Nickles Wendy Jones
Nicholas Shmel Paul, Parker, Kendra & Tracy DFRS
Bob Hough Brad Nicholson Beverly Hagburg
Jonathan (PT from Kernan) Brian & Vicki Chris & Cathi Estes
Adam Copeland III Mark Kessler Jim Wade