It’s been awhile, friends. I apologize for not posting recently.

Scott’s still hanging in there, but I’m afraid I don’t have anything new to report. He continues to be pretty healthy physically. We’ve had some ups & downs with blood pressure & heart rate, but nothing that’s really worriesome. Scott’s ST thinks his swallow has gotten weaker which is a bit concerning. Scott has his eyes open for several hours a day, but it’s not terribly predictable. You can ask his visitors who have experienced a wide range of “wakefullness”!

“His eyes are always open!”
“His eyes are never open.”
“He closes his eyes the minute I start talking.”

Don’t worry folks, he often closes his eyes the minute I start talking, too. 🙂

Jenny & Pat’s wedding was lovely. We had sunshine (a crap shoot for mid-October in Michigan!) a gorgeous bride and a gracious groom. There were no serious hiccups during the ceremony and we all made it through the receptions toasts and first dances with poise. Then we honored Jen’s request to get thier money’s worth out of the bar!

It was a fabulous trip for me all in all. It was super-busy and hectic, but I was honored to be part of Jen & Pat’s day and so happy to see and spend time with my family.

More later! Until then, be safe and be happy!


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