Last Week

Hello Everyone!

Last week Scott turned 35. We had a small celebration for him. Friends & family joined us throughout the day and we shared cupcakes & Scott stories. While we wished we were celebrating another way, another place, it was still nice.

The day after his Birthday Scott visited his new neurologist, Dr. Rafiq. His opinion varies from that of Dr. Makley’s from Kernan. That means we are gearing up for another opinion with a new neuro in early October.

My weekend was non-stop busy. With Jen coming to visit I knew I’d have some free labor! 😉 She was a blessing, doing everything from helping me get organized with financial paperwork to helping me tear out old carpet. Being a nurse, she provided some good medical advice. Being a wonderful niece & friend, she provided a strong shoulder.

Scott continues to be stable medically and has long periods where his eyes are open wide. He is still receiving therapy as well. Unless I have something exciting to report, I think I might only blog again after Scott’s next neuro appointment.

Speaking for Scott’s family, we would like you to know how much we appreciate all that you are doing for Scott. We love seeing your faces when you visit, reading the notes you leave behind when we miss you and knowing that you are still hoping & praying with us.

Until next time, God bless!


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