The Scott is Falling

This week started off with a little excitement. Scott managed to get out of his wheelchair. I was picking up my car from the shop when I got a phone call from Ramona at Citizen’s. She made sure to start the call with, “Scott is fine”, but then she had to tell me that he rolled out of his chair. (Poor Ramona. I wouldn’t want to have to call me to tell me that!)

Anyway, you all know how tough Scott is. Other than a pink elbow, he was just fine.

Regarding Scott’s health, in general, he is still rock solid. He opens his eyes (when he wants to) and makes the funniest faces. My favorite is the one Eda has dubbed his “petulant child” face. Therapy continues on and we have enjoyed many visits from family and friends.

Next week is shaping up to be a busy one. Scott’s turning 35 (he is officially an old man! 😉 ), we have an appointment with the new neurologist, and my niece, Jenny, is coming into town for a visit.

I will talk to you soon. I wish you all a good night and sweet dreams!


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