Missed You

Hello Friends. I missed “talking” to you this week!

Scott’s been well. He’s  still getting his low-key therapy and incredible care from the nursing staff. It seems to me that he’s beginning to open his eyes more and more over the last week or so. Staff reports that there is more movement from his arm & legs and especially his toes. We’ve also seen tons of crazy facial expressions. We don’t know exactly what it all means, of course, but maybe he’s beginning the adjustment to the Baclofen’s sedating effects.

We’re still trying to get Scott the right wheelchair. (Or his wheelchair right.) He seems to want to slide out of the two he’s had so far. As you can imagine, that would be disastrous! Little adjustments are being made here and there by therapy staff and I’m sure we’ll get it all hammered out…

Scott’s more popular than he realizes. Not only does he have a huge network of family and friends, he now has some fans. Some of the residents at Citizens have expressed how nice it is to have special visitors like Kaiser, Elsa and the MCFFP&D. They think Scott’s pretty special. Wait until they actually get to meet him!

So, what  if you’re not a dachshund or a piper? Don’t worry, you are welcome too! As a reminder, Scott’s now at:

Citizen’s Care & Rehab
1900 Rosemont Ave
Frederick, MD 21702
Room D-1 

If you’re wondering what to do when you visit, here are a few ideas:

  • Talk to him! (I know. Duuhhh…) Bring all of your good stories and best gossip! Or just tell him how much he’s missed at the _____. 
  • Read to him. Juicy love stories are his favorite. (Just kidding, of course!) 
  • Bring him a change of tunes. Scott has a CD player and an iPod dock in his room. Feel free to bring in your favorites to share. 
  • Show him your pictures. When Scott’s eyes are open, he seems to focus well on, and be interested in, photos. 
  • Touch him. Nothing is more comforting or healing than human touch. Just don’t tickle. Or touch his feet!  Not only does he not like it under normal circumstances, but it seems to aggravate the excessive muscle tone in his legs.

You can really drop by at any time. Please just keep in mind that if you stop in before 4pm, you might have to wait for a therapy session to be over. If you come by after 8pm, keep it down to a dull roar. Scott’s roommate, Floyd, loves his sleep!

Thanks so much to those of you who have been visiting. It does us all good to see and hear from you!


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