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New Temporary Home

July 31, 2009

I wasn’t at the hospital today, but making (hopefully) arrangements for Scott’s new temporary home. We’re being pushed by our insurance company and the rehab hospital to find Scott a place to stay until he wakes up a little more. I mentioned before that they feel Scott is just not awake enough to participate fully in his therapy. They believe a not-so-aggressive regimen of therapy and some more rest will allow Scott to emerge more. Then, of course, there’s the sedating Baclofen. He needs time to adjust to that as well. It’s frustrating, to say the least. We could know as soon as tomorrow where we are going. I’ll let you guys know when I know!

Eda was at the hospital today with Scott. From what I understand the day was uneventful. Sometimes, that’s a good thing. 🙂

Sleep well!



July 30, 2009

Hello everyone! Wednesday? Right?

Today I arrived just as Scott was getting off the tilt table. He did well, Becca said. He tolerated the table for quite a while and his BP remained in check.It’s so good for him to stand up, and get weight through his legs. Whether he knows it or not! 

Scott got a late morning CT scan of his innards. His urologist ordered the scan to find the source of his hematuria. Hopefully it’s nothing to worry about. We expect an update tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

Scott is still sleepy, but his arms and legs are looking so much better! Hopefully, the Baclofen & splints will continue to do their job keeping Scott’s extremities in good working order. Soon Scott should be adjusted to the increased meds, and he can continue his job of getting back to us!

Scott’s Splint Signs

July 29, 2009

Scott’s Bilateral Blue and Gray Resting Hand Splint Schedule

8am – 12pm ON
12pm – 2pm OFF
2pm – 6pm ON
6pm – 8pm OFF
8pm – 12am ON
12am – 2am OFF
2am – 6am ON
6am – 8am OFF

Scott’s Right Bilateral Blue Elbow Extension Splint Schedule

8am – 9am ON
9am – 12pm OFF
12pm – 1pm ON
1pm – 4pm OFF
4pm – 5pm ON
5pm – 8pm OFF

PLEASE keep Scott’s hands elevated to prevent swelling. And PLEASE check Scott for breakdown after each donning and doffing!!!

THANKS!!!!!! 🙂


July 29, 2009

This morning I arrived as Becca was getting Scott back to his room. I missed his PT session, but so did Scott, according to Becca. 😉 She insists there is some major partying going on during the 3-11 shift! Seriously folks, Scott’s Baclofen was just increased (again). For him to be anything but sleepy right now would be a small miracle.

I did see his eyes later in the morning, though. I took advantage of that time, of course, to chat. I like to tell him what’s on tap for the day, who’s supposed to visit, how well he his doing. I also tell him how much I love him. I think he knows it, but can you really hear it enough?

Other Steph took Scott’s cast off today. I’m not entirely sure if she was worried about the scrapes on Scott’s arm around the top of the cast or if she was happy with Scott’s tone. She did comment after the cast was off, that his arms looked relaxed, that it was easy to get him back into his splints and that she was pleased with the results of his casting. Time will tell us more. 

Dave arrived around 12:30, just as I was leaving for an appointment. We caught up quickly, and I hit the road. I’m sure Scott enjoyed his afternoon & evening with his dad. Therapy was done for the day and all he had to do was enjoy the company.  Or get some more napping in!

Bar Food

July 28, 2009

Today was another sleepy day for Scott. He slept through most of PT, but Becca still managed to give him some good stretches in his legs. Today in his ST session, Emily introduced some “yes” and “no” cards. He didn’t respond to the questions she asked him, but certainly seemed interested in the cards. I’m sure he’s thinking that anything is better than the ball! He also seems to be tolerating the cast well and Other Stephanie is happy to leave it on as long as he does! 

I met a wonderful woman today named Kelly. A couple of years ago, she was in very much the same position as I am now. She came to the hospital today to offer support by lending her knowledge & experience. After she introduced herself, she said that if I were anything like her, the last thing I wanted to do was talk. Or ask for help. That’s exactly how I feel most times, but something made me take her up on her offer to grab a glass of wine & chat. 

We talked about everything from religion to stress eating to blogging. (She blogged her experience, too!)  We also discovered we have the same penchant for bar food right after the cheese sticks and before the french fries. Our diets are doomed if we start meeting on a regular basis! 😉 

Kelly, if you’re reading, thank you for sharing your time & experience with me. You didn’t have to, but I’m so grateful you did.

Back in the Loop

July 26, 2009

Wow, where did I leave off exactly?

I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping you in the loop lately, friends. Our last few days have been filled with making arrangements for Scott’s next temporary home and learning about all that involves. Don’t worry, I won’t torture you with those details!

So let me step back a couple of days:

Thursday Scott got Botox. In an effort to treat the muscle over-activity caused by the injury, Scott received 6 injections in each arm. 4 in his biceps and 2 in his brachioradialus. Eda commented after watching Dr. Makley and Other Steph administer the injections, that she would never again entertain the thought of getting Botox herself! 

After the injections were finished, I assisted Other Steph in casting Scott’s right arm again. This was done for the same reasons as before. Casting will help to “retrain” the brain that the muscles should be relaxed instead of contracted when not in use. 

Friday was pretty uneventful, except for how it started. When I arrived in the morning, Nurse Bleasdille informed me that Scott yelled out, “Nurse!”, in the night. She qualified that statement by telling me that Scott’s roommate is the one who heard it. (Please keep in mind that Scott’s roommate is also a sufferer of a brain injury.)  Scott’s roommate pressed his call button, however, and got Scott his nurse. He’s very sweet! 🙂

Friday afternoon, Scott’s dad, Dave, came out to spend the rest of the day with him. Scott’s Aunt Anne & Uncle Tony also came by for a visit. I understand that everyone had a nice time. Scott was doing well & continuing to tolerate the casting on his arm, which is so important!

Saturday, Eda was in while I was out looking at possible facilities for our boy. She said that Scott was doing well, but there was a possibility that the cast was going to come off. She had noticed some swelling in his arm, so the doctor on duty as well as the nursing staff promised to keep a close eye on him through the night. 

Today, Scott’s brother and niece plan to spend the day with Scott. I plan on touring more facilities with Vonnie & getting some work done. Dave & Eda (I hope!) are having a nice relaxing Sunday on the farm.

Just Busy

July 24, 2009

Busy, busy! Scott’s doing well, but I’m swamped! I didn’t want all you worry warts worried, so thought I’d write a quick note!  🙂 

More soon. Happy Friday!

Missing Husband Take 2

July 23, 2009

When I arrived today at the hospital, Scott’s bed was empty. As you recall, the last time this happened, he was taken off to Shock Trauma for some follow-up, only no one thought it was important to inform me. Hmphh! So, because sometimes Scott’s therapists have to adjust their schedule and sometimes Scott might be down the hall having a this or that done, I didn’t panic. Much. 

I passed a nurse in the hall and she told me that Scott was in the dining room. Strange, because while they do hold some therapy sessions in there, they are for people who are actually eating & doing group activities. Scott’s not quite there yet. Next I checked the gym, because, where else could he be? Not there either. 

I stormed to the nurse’s station and demanded to know where my husband was. I was met with looks that said, “How should I know?” DJ, one of the PT Aids, came to my rescue. After asking me if I had checked the obvious places, he asked me if I had checked the offices. He lead me down a hallway that I had never visited and we found Scott tucked away in Marna’s office having an early ST session. Hmphh!

After I got over it, which really only took a minute, I participated in the rest of Scott’s session. One of the things Marna asked me to do was go to another office down the hall and call her office. She put Scott on the phone and he listened to me chat. She said his facial expressions changed as I talked. Of course it could just be that he was trying to figure out why her phone was so big, had an old-fashioned ring tone and was attached to the wall. 😉

Scott’s Baclofen results are pleasing to Becca, Scott’s main PT. She says she may put him back on the tilt table tomorrow if he looks as good tomorrow as he did this afternoon. 

Emily, Scott’s main ST, is pleased too. Scott’s beginning to be more consistent with the tests she’s giving him to guage his ability to track objects with his eyes.

And I’m pretty pleased with him, too. It occurred to me this afternoon while we were exploring the hospital grounds, that Scott is becoming more and more vocal. It’s still not words, but he’s making lots of noises. Sometimes it’s in response to big coughs, sometimes to transfers to and from his wheel chair, sometimes it’s actually contented sighs once we’ve left him alone and let him settle comfortably in bed. But today, while we were walking on some not-so-solid ground, he audibly objected to the rutted, uneven path I chose. One bump at a time.

Good night to ya!

Bionic Man

July 22, 2009

Scott got his second robo-slint (er, DynaSpint) today. The goal really is to turn him, limb by limb, into a bionic man. So far, for those of you keeping track, we now have the right and left arms.  Watch out legs! You’re next!

Today, Scott was given his weekly test. He scored on the low side, but no one was really surprised due to the increase in his Baclofen dosage and his increased muscle tone. The Baclofen makes Scott drowsy, and his increased tone makes it difficult for Scott to manipulate objects. *sigh* We were warned this was a long road…

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Our good friend, Vonnie, reminds us to make each day a masterpiece. And we will.

Late Night Parties

July 21, 2009

Scott had a good day, today. A little sleepy through some of his therapy, but he seemed to be more awake today than yesterday. Maybe because his therapists, nurses and loved ones just wouldn’t leave him alone!

The ill-fitting robo-splint mystery is solved. Not getting it on correctly, was really just a matter of our stand-in OTs not being very familiar with that type of splint. Rather than risk injury or discomfort, they opted to wait for Other Stephanie to return. She was out for a week on vacation. (I told her that wasn’t acceptable, but she went anyway!) I’m trying not to be jealous, but I think Scott missed her a little bit.

Tomorrow’s another weekly test and I left Scott with strict instructions to rest! (Becca, his PT, mentioned this morning that he looked like he was up all night partying. Something about bloodshot eyes and heavy eyelids). Now, I don’t know which of you hoodlems keeps sneaking in late at night and spiking Scott’s “chocolate shake”, but don’t let me catch you! 😉

G’night all!